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"The quality of the work and the service provided by Design Naples
continues to impress at the highest of levels. The posters and name badges
for the Annual RD/RSD Meeting were terrific, and the service provided by
you was above and beyond. Even to delivering the last minute name badge
to the hotel without extra charge.”
   Gary Garrison, CALC

“First of all let me compliment  Design Naples on your efforts. The response
to the concept was phenomenal. I am confident it will contribute to what I
think will be a great year for Colonial. Also, the material you provided was
perfect! I personally stuffed and handled 3,000 of the pieces and the print
consistency was excellent. You both have good reason to be proud.”
Scott Lasky, CSC

“The quality of reproduction of the flowers is still amazing, even to me. Some
friends have tried to peel the pictures off the page where your
optical illusion fooled them. Thank you for putting in that extra touch. I regret
we didn't list you on the book as the inspired printers.”  
Thomas F. Sellers Jr. MD
“This note is in appreciation for the superb service you gave this company. I do
not see this level of service from other vendors we deal with. It's as if quality
service has disappeared from American business. You are living examples of
how to hold an account and not let them even want to try a competitor. Keep up
the excellent work.”
  Norman Schneider, SDI

“Thanks so much for helping me get my last minute project on time! Your
speedy and efficient response to the job was a tremendous help.”
Steve Madden, MHG

“Thank you - Thank you - Thank you - Thank you - Thank you!!!!!!!  Everything
looked wonderful and was very well received. Salesmen, customers and
competition commented favorably. We looked pulled together. I wish
Design Naples could truly know how wonderful it felt. Please,
know that I understand the pressures and efforts involved in Design Naples
delivering the catalogs on such a short time line. You are talented and
amazing people. I appreciate you very much!”
 Kevin Moran, CSC

“Thank you for taking care of us again! They are perfect as all ways.”
Stormy Storms, EA
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